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Our company was founded in 2007. Initially, we dealt with the spacing and assembly of scaffoldings.
We were a small local company employing a handful of trusted people. Time was running and the company covered the whole country and our western neighbors.

Time was running and the company covered the whole country and our western neighbors. As we developed, we also expanded our business. Initially, we relied on the assembly of modular and facade scaffoldings, but it soon turned out that the market lacks a professional company that also offers other works mainly at height. We have started cooperation not only with conservators of monuments, but also development companies.

The scope of our services is so wide that at the moment we can boast of a rich portfolio and presence in the industry:
  • shipbuilding
  • refinery
  • energetic
  • production

    we have expanded our operations to install system roofs in the recent past.

    We specialize in the installation of system roofs, handling both modular and facade scaffoldings. We build stages, stands, fences and temporary balustrades as well as temporary stairs.

    we are also building:
  • stages
  • stands
  • temporary fences and balustrades
  • temporary stairs

    We provide:
  • many years of assembly experience
  • best employees
  • the highest quality of services and scaffolding
  • execution of orders throughout Europe
  • our transport
  • execution of orders within a specified period
  • providing necessary information regarding the services we provide
  • competitive price

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    Paweł Wełmiński

    Miodowa 11
    83-200 Rokocin
    NIP: 592-203-48-08



    tel: 603 559 301